Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Middle Part

I have always had bangs, whether they are
1) straight down 2) to the side    3) just messy 

there has always been some fringe covering my forehead. And with bangs, always comes a side part. But you know what? I think I am over it — lately I have been brushing my growing- out bangs into my hair and parting it straight down the middle. I have always loved the 1960s and 70s look, but until now I just embraced the clothing. Going sans bangs actually felt really different and almost awkward at first, but looking at lovely ladies such as Ali Mcgraw, Joni Mitchell and Diane Von Furstenberg gives me inspiration to continue with the change.

1 comment:

The Cherry Blog said...

sometimes its goodto have a change, esp with hair. i think the middle parting look is great! xx