Friday, 7 May 2010

To Be a Fashion Blogger

Been reading a bunch of fashion blogs (and blogging up a storm!) today in preparation for my new gig as an online fashion writer for Tangent Mag (yay!). I will be blogging on trends, new lines etc — but I am specifically talking about the bloggers that take pics of their daily outfits. You know them, there are millions. Although I find them entertaining and have posted a few outfit photos of myself here on Another Zoe Day (before swearing them off), I can't help but question the high criteria that comes with becoming a fashion blogger.

I am the first to admit that I am a little vain (maybe even more than a little), but does this take vanity to whole new level? I have heard both arguments. Maybe it does, but I love the fact that real people have become the new model. These blogs are so much more inspiring then a fashion spread, and these ladies are really real not just "real girls" made up for a special section in a mag.

Also, is it a fashion blogger requirement to have a boyfriend? I mean who else is taking all these pics?  Who else would be willing to deal with taking photos of you posing day after day without getting to see you without those clothes at night? And of course you have to be pretty, or pretty confident, which in turn makes it easier to find a boyfriend/photographer. Okay that is my rant. What do you think?

Got this pic of a fashion blogger meet-up off WishWishWish.

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