Friday, 7 May 2010

Bratty in Berlin

I was a bit disappointed that I was going to miss the She & Him show at Lido in Berlin while I was in Scotland. But after having coffee with my friend Nani who attended, I am happy that I didn't fork out the money to see the Hollywood starlet who is not supposed to act like a Hollywood starlet, well, act like  a Hollywood starlet. I will admit a part of me would have been entertained by it, but not for the asking price. And I really expected Zooey's vintage dresses and quirky cute persona to carry the show.

Yes the attire was there, but no sweet as sugar Zooey Deschanel. The relatable indie darling who makes music that sounds as honey-like as she appears, was maybe in a foul mood or maybe is just a bit of a diva. Granted this is all hearsay as I was not in attendance and I was also told that her voice is amazing live, but it sounds like her onstage behavior from berating the audience about the flash on their cameras to shouting out "Hello Denmark" is what one would expect from one of her celebrity peers. Is Zooey really just like the rest of them? Kind of disappointing if so. Has anyone else seen her live and had this experience? I am dying to know.

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sarah said...

I was at the Berlin show, and while she didn't really make much contact ith the audience, I wouldn;t say she was bratty. The "Hello Denmark" comment was because in the front row (next to me) were three people from Denmark and one called out something about Denmark to her, hence the reply - she wasn't being a smartass or thinking that she was in Denmark or something. Plus yeah she did kinda go on about the flashes, but think about how annoying it must be to have like 100 flashes going off in your face all the time.

I also went to the Amsterdam show last night, and she also didn't interact so much with the audience, so I guess that's just how she is because I have heard that from other reports too, but I really don't think she was "diva-ish" at all.

I think in Berlin there was a little problem because there was meant to be some other band after She & Him according to the sign at Lido and so maybe they were rushing a little bit too because we got 4 more songs in A'dam than in Berlin. Personally, I really enjoyed the Berlin show - perhaps even more than the A'dam one.

Just my two cents. :)