Monday, 10 May 2010

Gera Weekend Roundup-ish

It feels like I haven't spent a weekend in Berlin in quite some time now. Last night I got back from yet another trip, this time to Karsten's hometown for a family gathering. That's a pic for you of us looking like yuppies at the train station. I will tell you I had been pretty nervous for some time over this whole meeting the family thing, but despite my lack of a handle on the German language it went pretty smoothly and I really enjoyed meeting the people he shares all those good genes with. It was so nice to get a glimpse at even more of the person I love, even if I couldn't understand what anyone was saying. Ha! It was certainly a situation that I could have never guessed I would go through. But my inability to communicate did not simply give me a feeling of complete idiocy, but also a new found inspiration to learn. Oh and it was Karsten's birthday too, but we are planning on celebrating it properly this week. I will spare you of an actual roundup because it would have to be in German.

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