Monday, 17 May 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup

We finally got to celebrate Karsten's birthday properly last Wednesday and lucky for us that was actually the start of our extremely long weekend. Thursday was a bank holiday here (Men's Day?) and he took Friday off, and since I, you know don't really work for anyone at the moment my weekend got to start there too. I continued with my new cooking habit and whipped up (not really it took three hours) a French stew that Karsten has not stopped talking about since my sister-in-law cooked it for us in NYC about six months ago. I was somehow able to pull it off (I am really enjoying cooking these days, who knew?) — see there we are all happy with our dinner in front of us. The second pic was taken yesterday on the river when the sun decided to show its face for the first time (see all those happy people enjoying it) in what feels like weeks, so yes all the time in between those shots was spent shivering from a winter-like cold that blasted Berlin mid-May. What? Anyway despite the cold, the weekend was relaxing and enjoyable.

It all went something like this: coq au vin, birthday ice cream cake, drinks at Muschi Obermaier with Franziska and Jay, sleeping in, breakfast in bed, Almost Famous, pizza movie marathon, Neukölln junk shop expedition, avocado sandwiches, sewing date with Erin, sleep early, reading in bed, home-made Spanish tortilla like the good old days, Black Eyed Peas concert (don't even ask), champagne on the tour bus (that may explain it), more fun at Konrad Tönz, early morning walk home, Sunday laziness, afternoon stroll, greasy food, A Single Man.