Monday, 17 May 2010

"It's All Happening..."

I watched Almost Famous this long weekend for the umpteenth time and I will admit that despite it's cheesiness, it is still one of my favorite movies. I mean journalism, rock n' roll, 1970s attire, Kate Hudson at her finest (if I could be Penny Lane for a day...), Philip Seymour Hoffman in complete self-depricating glory, and Billy Crudup with facial hair (not to mention Zooey Deschanel, Jason Lee and Francis McDormand). I mean come on, how could I not love it? You are talking to a girl who's other favorites include Dazed and Confused.

Anyway, Cameron Crow just knows how to warm my heart, but since we (side note: one of the bonuses of dating a non-American is he hasn't seen so many of my favorite films) watched it I have been feeling a little worried about my future, my job (or lack there of), my life away from the US etc. Not that it had anything to do with the movie directly, but it started there. Our weekend continued with many little discussions about these matters and it ended with me having more of a grasp of what I want out of it all but still with uncertainty, which we all know can be scary. But this morning, after sleeping in way too late I was awoken to a flood of emails about new opportunities and projects, each one offering a little glimpse into what my future has to offer and getting me excited for this new chapter in my life where I am the one dictating my moves. It feels good my friend, to say it like the Band-Aids of Almost Famous "It's all happening..."

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