Thursday, 6 May 2010

Scotland Week Roundup

In the last year of my life I have ended up some places that I really never thought I would go. First off the biggie: Berlin. Although I always knew it was a certain kind of cool, it was never really on my radar until my bro decided to spend the summer here. Now look at me, living in Deutschland with my Deutsche man. Then there was Umbria, Italy. I knew I would go to Rome one day (and I did) but I never expected to end up in the Italian country side with three generations of Cahns.

Then last week was Scotland, another place I never gave much thought to. But my brother just moved to Glasgow from London so my Mom and I spent a few days there (there are an over abundance of thrift shops in that city FYI) eating my bro's amazing cooking (he still is the best chef I know). Then he and his wife took us on a weekend getaway to the Isle of Mull. This place is pretty much a wildlife preserve on the edge of the earth, where you sightsee (in a non-touristy way) all day and eat fabulous meals until you fall asleep soundly breathing the crisp air at night. I seriously have never tasted such fresh air in my life or eaten so much food (definitely gained some pounds) or seen so many cute little animals. In one day we actually saw what we coined "the trifecta of cute," a lamb, an otter and a puffin. OMG. Okay let's cut to the chase with a roundup of my amazing vacation and some pics. If you need more check out the flickr.

It all went something like this: Andrew-made thai food, futbol, Glasgow sightseeing, Andrew-made made monk fish deliciousness, Glasgow shopping, the best Indian food I have ever had, scenic drive, clam chowder, toffee, ferry trip, baby lambs (no that is not redundant), cows, sheep, gin and tonic cocktail hour, three-course meal, ferry ride number two, UK birthplace of Christianity, fields of green next to white sand beaches, holy sun, choppy boat ride, seals, rock formation island, cliff hike, puffins, otter spotting, three-course meal again yes, sound sleep, hike, sea eagle, picnic at a castle, road trip, shrimps and crab claw. Yeah that is right. What? Uh huh. Vacation. Now I am on a diet.

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