Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Nothing Beats a Good 'Stache

Where does my obsession with boys with facial hair come from? I really don't know. Possibly it's because my dad had a mustache (even though I do prefer beards) during my childhood - and we are all supposed to end up with someone that reminds us of our fathers anyway, right? But I have certainly found myself turned off by guys that act like my pops in the past, but that was probably just a result of the immaturity of my formative years. Ha.

Sometimes I think it is because facial hair can make a guy that is not-so-cute-in-the-face actually cute, just by covering it all up. Wow just kidding, that is a horrible thing to say, and mostly not true. Well, I guess I am lucky that hair on the face is so trendy these days, there are just so many beards to choose from.

Thanks for the reminder A Cup of Joe.

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