Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I Heart Facebook and My Bro

A lot of people have a love hate relationship with Facebook and I agree that it definitely has its pros and cons. Luckily I have tended to date people that are actually not members (can you believe it?), so I have only got a tiny taste of the stalker it brings out inside of me, but have heard so many horror stories of people seeing what they shouldn't be seeing time and time again.

But with being in Berlin and all, Facebook has been such a blessing - a comfortable forum to be connected with friends of friends living here who I may have been too nervous to call at first and of course an easy way to stay in touch with all of those people who I don't have phone relationships with. And then there are these people from my past who keep posting childhood pics, I found this kind of disconcerting at first but then I came across this young pic of my brother (on the left) and it made my heart melt a little. Last time I was in Berlin he was here with me and there so are many moments that I wish we could get in a little German trouble together once again. But thanks to Facebook I get to know that at least he is having a good time back in San Francisco jumping on trampolines and all. Miss you Michael!

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obama said...

haven't seen this before. i heart u.