Monday, 19 April 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup

After a rough week where "budget cuts" once again thwarted my existence, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend to lift my spirits. It started off with a bit of a headache after a long night out with a new friend on Thursday (who also cheered me up and got me excited about all the possibilities in Berlin) and ended with a day of all days where there was not a cloud nor a plane in the sky, the park was packed, the people were partying at the river clubs already and my pasty legs finally got to see some sun.

It all went something like this: excessive creamy treats,
The Graduate, thrift shopping, yummy lunch outside, bike ride, a favorite little bar with Anne, night walk on the river, too much French wine and olives, gypsy music, fresh squeezed orange juice in bed, long long lunch with Erin, sun!, Görlitzer Park, dusk drinks on the river, in bed early.

1 comment:

E F S C said...

I love German treats!
No wonder the nakie man across the street is confined to his apartment.
I bet his freezer and pantry are AMAZING.