Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Desert Storm

Like everyone this week, I have been perusing the Coachella style shots from those fashion mags that covered the celebrity shit show in the desert last weekend. Surprisingly, nothing really got me too excited and I was a bit disappointed with the lack of inspirational festi wear. As a girl who lives in rompers and cut-off shorts every summer, a good festival outfit is dear to my heart. I am hoping to try a few out at the Melt Festival this summer.

And does Coachella in general seem a little ridiculous these days? I mean the lineup was pretty awesome and I had a blast both times I went years ago, but that was before Elle Mag started covering it and the likes of Hayden Pannettiere were in attendance. My friend Sarah seems to think so. Anyway, as for the fashion I was into these girlies channeling the 90s with floral dresses and combat boots and this lady who I wish was my grandmother.
Update: I like Daisy Lowe and Rebecca Dayan's looks I just saw on as well. 

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