Friday, 23 April 2010

This is Where I'll be on Fridays...

Earlier this afternoon I met up with my friends Nani and Elif at the Turkish Market in Kreuzkölln and it couldn't have been lovelier. Who knew screaming Turkish men and major crowds could be so delightful, definitely the most exciting farmers market I have ever been to. It was almost like stepping into another world for a bit where the fruits and vegetable are bright and fresh, the smell of flowers is intoxicating, and there is so much goodness to eat right there at your fingertips it's hard to decide what you want (we got some delicious bread, olives and vegetable spreads for lunch and I left with some cilantro, avocados and tomatoes for a Mexican feast and a bouquet of purple hyacinth). 

As usual we weren't the only ones in our demographic with this idea, as every well-dressed Berliner seemed to be gathered on the river at the end of the market eating their treasures and listening to a live three-piece band (does anyone have full-time jobs here?). The sun was shining again and I finally got to see some blossoming trees. I will keep my mouth shut from now on when it comes to complaining about spring in Berlin. As I found out today the Germans say "April, April - der macht was er wil," when it comes to weather this month will do what it wants. Well I am glad April wanted it to be nice today and if you didn't get enough close-ups of fruit and veggies (my fave, obviously) there are more and some others on my new flickr.

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meg said...

great images, meggy.