Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Keeping up with Chloë

Sevigny, that is. I have been meaning to write a blog entry for awhile now how Chloë has single-handedly brought the grunge and femininity of the 90s back to the fashion mainstream. Much to the dismay of fashion editors and bloggers alike, Chloë's second line for Opening Ceremony in 2008 (pictured above) was full of it. Although it was completely panned, those same editors are now embracing florals, leopard prints, high-buttoned blouses, clogs and the whole deal.

Originally I was just going to focus on Chloë's role in the re-appearance of the floral jean, but yesterday while I was sifting through photos of Chloë over the years for work, I realized that she has in fact tried all the quirky trends that people are dabbling in today before anyone else had the nerve. She's worn straw boater hats, bandeau cut-out dresses, big blazers, knee highs, socks with sandals, and the earlier said floral jean, when we were still trying to be boho chic. Apparently, Chloë is even more of an ahead-of-the-curve trendsetter than I even thought. And I love how she still holds true to the 90s, the era when she came of age and when her star began to rise. Maybe I'll keep an eye on her for my style barometer of trends to come more than I already do. 

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