Monday, 26 April 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup

I could have felt a bit loser-ish this weekend, as I did not go out either night. Friday we stayed home, read and went to bed early. Saturday I actually stayed in alone and K went off to some party at a squat house. But the thing about Berlin that I really love, despite the dance-all-night-parties at said squat houses, clubs, and beach bars, are the days. And FriDAY, SaturDAY and SunDAY were totally worthy. The sun was out and I did a little walking, bike riding, shopping (found a straw [sorta boater] hat that actually fits my big head and took Megan's advice and went for it) and bbqing. Not bad, not bad at all.

It all went something like this: the never ending
Savage Detectives, ubahn wild goose chase, vintage clothes by the kilo, Brazilian snacks in the sun, walk in Schöneberg, berlin flower painting purchase # 2, homemade salsa, Mexican feast, trip to Wedding,Görlitzer once again, first shorts without tights day, first bbq of the season, Spanish Bavarian hipsters, frisbee, evening tree house beers.


E F S C said...

I like your hat.

Megan said...

Aren't you sad you missed the Bavarian hipsters?

E F S C said...

It saddens me greatly.