Friday, 5 June 2009


I am a pale pale girl and though it took some time, I have accepted that fact. I embrace the white skin, dark hair, light eyes and occasional red lip look. I have lathered myself in sunscreen on every beach trip and laughed in the face of fake tanner frolicking in the shortest jean shorts possible with my pale ass legs giving a big ‘fuck you’ to the world.

But this photo not only made me swoon over one of the most creatively crafted outfits I have seen in awhile — Chloe you never cease to amaze me, I mean who else could pull off short short short jeans shorts and a white early 90s blazer and make it look, well perfect), but it also made me itch for maybe just a bit of color on my own gams. Hell I'll admit it, it made me want my whole body to be marinated in bronzer. I do have a bottle of free-from-work fake tanner (the sun doesn’t work on me) that has been sitting in my room teasing me for the last two summers. Dare I use it, or should I just try my jean shorts with a blazer instead?

Thanks Ringo.

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