Monday, 15 March 2010

Weather Stalker

I have to stop checking the weather in NYC every day. I know it is a bad habit that no good will come of and only makes me depressed, but I just can't help myself. It is like New York is some ex-boyfriend that I am stalking on Facebook. And today my ex-boyfriend did the equivalent of posting pictures of him and his pretty new girlfriend. My stomach literally flipped when I googled my normal 'NYC weather' and a big 60 degrees came up for tomorrow's prediction, while outside my window is a massive gray sky drizzling wetness all over the barren trees. I mean it snowed yesterday! Ugh.

God I love spring in NYC, or anywhere for that matter. Oh what I wouldn't do for a day of biking and laying in the park with a good book. And oh what I wouldn't do for the willpower to stop stalking my old city. Maybe this lovely pic will give me some serenity...
Thanks for the pic So Much To Tell You.

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