Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Chanel Sun

Awhile ago I blogged about my apprehension toward Mary-Kate Olsen trying to bring back round sunglasses, I was mainly discussing the 1960s little ones with colored lenses but I wasn't necessarily sold on the big black ones either. Well times have changed my friend and I have been converted. Now I wish I could get my hands on the two-tone Chanel pair that MK broke onto the scene a few years back and that are modeled so nicely by Krystal of What is Reality Anyway, but instead I bought something a little less dramatic and a lot more in my price range at Target before I left for Berlin. Now I can't wait for it be sunny enough to wear them, maybe today is the day?

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The Cherry Blog said...

yes it's always the right day!! be dramatic and wear them whatever the weather! xx