Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hey Baby...

Last night as I was dancing away at a house party at two in the morning I turned to my side to see a woman in a cloak/cape thing shaking to the beat as well. When I took a closer look, however, I realized this choice of clothing wasn't simply an eclectic fashion sense but a cover up for a very pregnant belly. My first thought was that if I was "with child" I would probably rather be at home sleeping or eating ice cream and watching TV. But Karsten being the devil's advocate that he is thought otherwise, this lady is just living it up while she still can. Probably true.

My second thought was what would this hip woman name this soon-to-be hip kid. I was reminded of an article that I read awhile ago about hipster baby names and how to avoid them. Of course both my brothers' and their friends baby names are all over the list, the names I would love to give my children if I ever get to that point are there too, as well as my own pseudonym. But it's all in good fun and totally funny, and even though the article was written in 2008 I still think it rings true.

Why do parents who are making such efforts to move ahead of the crowd end up simply jumping off a groovier bridge? Maybe it's because the only thing a hipster hates more than being seen as a hipster is not being seen as a hipster.

Read the rest of the story here.

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