Monday, 22 March 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup (Spring Fever!)

Saturday was the first day of spring, and thank the lord spring has finally sprung in Berlin. I am still waiting for the flowers, but the sun will do just fine for now. Oh man, it makes my life so much better and contributed (among a few other things) to making our weekend quite lovely.

It all went something like this: our first dinner guest, my first attempt at cooking for a guest, yummy enchiladas, sleeping in, new bike!, walking in Friedrichshain, carrot cake and coffee, skate park and graffiti photo shoot, a Cold War history lesson over beers, lightning, house party, dancing dancing dancing, cheese fight (don't ask), guacamole, Weeds, Sunday cleaning, a much needed phone call with Miss Diebel.


meg said...

looks awesome... the sun makes such a huge difference.

little homie said...

you look so cute and happy, i blame the sunshine too. the hat is awesome.