Monday, 15 March 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup

With work to be done and obligations to be filled this weekend wasn't quite as exciting as last, we didn't even get the chance to take any blog worthy photos. Granted it was cheaper and more relaxing, which is always nice and nothing to complain about.

It all went something like this: dinner recipe experiment, surprisingly good dinner,
Alice and Wonderland 3D, sleeping in, work, home redecorating, pizza, wine, impromptu late night summer fashion show, sunday brunch at home, Mauerpark flea market, snow storm, hot chocolate in Prenzlauer Berg, reading in bed.

P.S. Although there were a few plot changes I would have made, I definitely had a good first (not counting 
Michael's Jackson's Captain EO at Disneyland) 3D experience and was quite impressed by all those creatures flying out of the screen. Usually I am not into such fantastical things, and would have rather done anything then see Avatar, but with Lewis Carrol, Johnny Depp and the Cheshire Cat, it was totally watchable, even enjoyable.

What did you do this weekend?

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The Cherry Blog said...

I saw AIW too - my first 3d experience - it was amazing! glad u enjoyed it.xx