Monday, 29 March 2010


I think I will forgo plane travel as often as I can from now on and opt for the train. It truly is a more relaxing and leisurely not to mention scenic way of getting from A to B, which suits me for the moment. The ride to and from Prague were possibly some of my favorite times on the trip (well not really). Going there I spent pretty much the whole way reading British Elle (which had a great Chloë Sevigny article BTW) and nibbling on some delicious wine and cheese. It was the first fashion magazine in English I have read since I moved to Berlin and although I had a hard time forking over 11 euros for the bad boy, it was worth every cent keeping me occupied for almost the entire five hours. On the way back we spent the whole time drinking beer and playing cards while the German countryside whizzed by, and before we knew it we were home.

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