Monday, 8 March 2010

And the Best Dressed Oscar Goes to...

I didn't get to see the Oscars being in Germany and all, I mean they aren't worthy of staying up until 2 am and watching at a bar. My personal preferred viewing situation would've been after a day spent with my nieces in Manhattan, a night of take-out, wine and celeb shit talking with my bro and sister-in-law. But alas, I just got to read the results and scour the red-carpet photos online today. Anyway, there were a few facts about the winners I found interesting and of course some dresses I loved and hated. Here they are....

*Douchebag extrodinaire James Cameron (Avatar) loses to his ex-wife (he has had five) Kathyrn Bigalow (The Hurt Locker) for both Best Director and Best Picture. Ha!
*This was the first year a woman won Best Director (beating out her ex-hubby at that!).
*The Hurt Locker only grossed $14.9 and still won Best Pic.
*Sandra Bullock won a Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side and a Worst Actress Razzie for All About Steve not only in the same year, but in the same weekend. 

As for the important part:
Zoe Saldana: I'm not usually into purple or diamond encrusted anything but when I saw this dress I literally said 'Oh My God' out loud — this couture beauty is what people should be wearing to the Oscars!

Miley Cyrus: I really never thought I would say something like this about this saucy tot, but I think she looks great. I love the strapless satin corset, the high waist and the champagne beading of the dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Apparently gold was big this year... I know a lot of people will say this dress looks like a shiny potato sack, but I am digging it. I love the neck strap and the retro feel to it that's not SJP's normal tulle 1950s frock.

Rachel McAdams: I always expect excellence from this lady and she most often delivers. Love the corseted strapless cut on this as well, but am especially into the soft floral print that is so of the moment. I love when actresses can pull off floral gowns without looking dowdy or too girly, it is not an easy feat.

Zoe Kravitz: Love the simplicity of this dress, the touch of deep red velvet, the fine ass papa escort doesn't hurt either, so sweet.

Can't wait to see how many of my Best Dressed get on the Worst Dressed Lists, that is usually the case. Now here are my worst:

Jennifer Lopez: bubble wrap anyone?

Charlize Theron: uhh, are you kidding me? There is a fine line between being fashion forward and just plain ridiculous and Charlize has crossed way over. She needs to have a pow wow with Zoe Saldana about pulling off purple couture.

Honorable Mention: Carey Mulligan looks amazing. I love the shoes and how they peek out of the asymmetrically cut dress. I personally would not wear it (hence honorable mention) but it's perfect for her.

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