Thursday, 18 March 2010

Themed 30s

You thought theme parties were so your college years, didn't ya? Well my friend, through the magic of the blogosphere and Facebook I have second-handedly witnessed a resurgence in the dress code required gathering. It seems March is quite the birthday month and it also seems that a lot of people I know turned the big 3 0. Instead of wallowing in no longer being in their 20s, these folks decided to do it right, and by that I guessed it: theme party! But these weren't your average Pimps and Hos or 80s keggers you're used to. No these guys really reached into the gauntlet for some pretty original and awesome themes.

My friend Daniel celebrated his big day with an all out Dia De Los Muertos fiesta. I couldn't be in NYC for it, but it looked like a damn good time. After stealing these photos off his blog, I came across some pics on Facebook of a 30th birthday party on the other side of the country that was a little more geriatric. A friend of a friend in LA got his peeps to show their elderly side and dress up like their grandparents for his "70th" B-Day. He even got a walker to be in the black and white party shots. Pretty clever.

Is this a sign that 30s are really the new 20s or just that my friends are really hilarious and cool? What would your party be?


Daniel said...

that warn't no birthday party. that was my funeral!

little homie said...

im on a comment on megan's blog craze. Haha, I love theme parties! You knowwww. 30 is this year for me. I was gonna do a drag party (boys be girls and girls be boys) or perhaps Reggae theme since i love the cultcha... or maybe an intimate camping trip with close ones and some treats ;) So many options.

Megan said...

I actually just went to a "dress up like boys" party. Sexist mother fuckers! I actually might be in NYC for your bday. July right?