Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Navajo Me!

I usually pride myself on being off the moment — but not completely trendy — with a sense of style that ebbs and flows within the realm of what is "in" but has a consistent anchor in a world of poofy sweaters, vintage dresses and short shorts. I often find myself on the forefront of trends, wearing certain items when people are still gawking at the audacity of someone who would try to re-create that moment in time (ahem '90s florals), only to be buying them at Urban Outfitters months later. Anyway I am not trying to sound pretentious, we all fall victim to trends and that is okay. 

I am completely guilty at the moment, and am way behind and way obsessed and way in need of something navajo print. I have a sweater from a few years ago and a skirt that is a bit navajo-ish, but they just don't seem to cut it. I have come to the point where I am scouring etsy and ebay for the perfect coat or bag every evening — it has gotten so bad I even drool over the thought of owning a navajo rug. I am not willing however, to by anything that isn't vintage in this soon-to-be-out-of-style print (I will only buy classic, long-lasting items at non-thrift stores), but I will say that the thought has crossed my mind. Hopefully I will find something on my trip to San Francisco to satisfy this navajo need, and for now I will just lust after these beauties and label myself trendy.

Photos from Mr. Newton and Refinery29.

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