Friday, 1 January 2010

The Best New Year's Eve, The Best New Year

After a long hungover day of traveling (can you believe the flight from Germany is nine hours?) I am home in the States and a new year is upon us. I was supposed to already be back in NYC to celebrate New Year's, but as luck (that didn't seem like luck at the time) would have it, my flight got delayed a few days and I ended up staying through the end of the year and having the loveliest little New Year's Eve celebration on a snowy night with lit up skies. It was all sans makeup, fancy dresses (even though I love them), countdowns, and parties — just the two of us, a few bottles of champagne, some delicious cheese, an awesome dance party mix, and the most intensely overwhelming amateur firework show seen from a fifth floor balcony (our extreme proximity to the blasts made me hyperventilate with a crazy smile for at least an hour, no joke they were 10 feet from our faces). So simple, so crazy, so fun.

If this perfect evening is any indication of the year to come, bring it on 2010...and I wish the same to all of you.

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meg said...

i love it. i can't wait to compare experiences when i'm back. we are all going to berlin in 2010. love you and happy new year babe!