Thursday, 14 January 2010

Los Angeles, CA: Happy 30th Vanessa!

I'm back in NYC, back in the cold, and after a short mishap with our electricity (fun in the winter time!) I am back on the Internet and in the light. While on the West Coast, I made a way too quick jaunt down to Los Angeles for my oldest friend (I have known her since I was five) Vanessa's big 30th birthday party. It was a blast and so good to see my dearly missed LA girls. God what I would've given (maybe a finger or a leg) to just stay a bit longer, enjoy the almost 80 degree weather and spend some actual non- party time with my favorite people. But c'est la vie (as Sarah would say), all I had was 24 hours and I believe we made the best of it.

I also had a revelation while I was there. After being an anti LA person for so long now, I never thought I would say this, but if it doesn't work out for me in Berlin I think I could move there. I'd have to get used to the driving culture, but to live in an actual house, in the same city as three of my most favorite people, in a place where it could be 77 degrees in January — I think I might be up for it. I mean, look at how much fun we are having!

Yeah, that is my new 'do. The only problem with moving to LA is that moist beachy air makes for some serious frizz, oh well.

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Sarah said...

Kelly Furano made the blog! We miss you... come back.