Friday, 29 January 2010

Grunge Lives and Loves

So the other day I was reading some good old celebrity gossip when I came across Celebitchy, well, bitching about this fashion spread Emma Watson did for Vs. magazine — calling it too racy and scandulous for a classy young girl like herself and claiming that it could have been styled by Courtney Love and better suited for Taylor Momsen. For some reason this stirred a few things up inside of me. So here they are:

1) I like Emma and her (or her stylist's) sense of style. I've even featured one of her fittingly Teen Vogue fashion shoots here on the blog. But for some reason I cannot really accept her as a participating member in the adult fashion world (don't get me started on Tavi), I mean she is on the tipping point of gorgeous (just let her hit 20), but call me crazy or does she still have a baby face? She is at least too young to star in a Burberry campaign.

2) Compared to that said Burberry campaign, despite the use of the eyeliner that Celebitchy is so against, I feel these photos are much more age appropriate. She looks like she is just a girl dressing up and having fun with clothes, makeup and jewelry. Nothing wrong with that. Not too sexual or explicit to me either — even though it involves some underwear and lace we are nowhere near Lindsay Lohan territory. Better than an old lady trench I say, I mean I have like five of them but I pretty much am a grandma compared to the 19-year-old.

3) After seeing these photos and reading the comparison to Courtney Love I had to ask myself: am I crazy that I actually like her? Despite the plastic surgery, the drugs, the supposed killing Kurt Cobain, am I crazy that I actually like her? Then I found this picture and realized hell no, she's rad.

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