Sunday, 13 December 2009

My Life as a Jetsetter

The next three months will be beautifully hectic for me - full of packing, plane flights and farewells. Here is the official schedule:

Berlin (Dec 19-27)
My first German Christmas (and it's supposed to be a white one)! 

San Francisco (Jan 7-8)

17th and Mission - the best corner in the city - I will be seeing you.

Los Angeles (Jan 8-9)

A quick pop-in down South for Vanessa's 30th Birthday! 

Marin County (Jan 9-13)

Good Ol' Marin for family time, hiking and Fairfix salads. 

Berlin (Feb 21-?)

Yup — it is official. Today I purchased a one way ticket to Berlin and will be saying goodbye to NYC after almost five years of debauchery in this crazy microcosm. There are so many things and people I will miss, but so many things to look forward too...


meg said...

i'm gonna miss you so so so so so much. but i'll definitely be seeing you in berlin. it's gonna be fantastic holidays!

daniel arnold said...

you're jewish.

Megan said...

Don't worry Daniel, just cause I said it is gonna be a white christmas doesn't mean I am not gonna go to the movies and eat chinese food with my brethren.

The Cherry Blog said...

oh my god - im so so jealous! never been to Berlin, but never heard a bad word againts it either! best of luck x

Sarah said...

see you in hell-a. we will get some botox and hang out with lindsay lohan.

daniel arnold said...

hey sarah.