Thursday, 28 January 2010

My No Longer Daily O (State of the Union)

It was a confident performance, more defiant than contrite, more conversational than soaring. He appealed to and scolded both parties, threatened vetoes, blamed his predecessor and poked fun at lawmakers. The agenda was largely the same, dressed up in fresh packaging, as he offered point-by-point rebuttals to the litany of critiques he hears with increasing frequency. He acknowledged only a failure to explain his policies without retreating an inch on the policies themselves. His main message: “I don’t quit.

I thought it was an effective and emotional speech, the kind that I was so accustomed to during election fever, goose bumps and all. I especially thought he did a great job addressing health care (even though he didn't even bring it up until the 11th page of his speech), the insane costs of higher education, and the extreme divide between Democrats and Republicans in congress (and the media) that ultimately results in not much getting done. I am sure the haters will still hate (and most of them didn't even clap when he discussed the tax cuts he had given to working families) but there is no denying that Obama is a good man who truly wants the best for his country, and not simply for his own gain like some other politicians we know.

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