Friday, 29 January 2010

Mid-Winter Remedy

It's that time off year again when everyone is just longing for a break from the dregs of winter. Well, it's summer flashback week over at Mr. Newton's blog and though it may be torturous for some to look to the happier time we call summer, I find it a good quick fix for the wintertime blues. I am rather enjoying checking out the bight colors, funky rompers (my fave) and vintage tees the local hipsters sported at the weekly pool parties at the East River park in Williamsburg last summer. Unfortunately I was in Berlin (boo hoo) and missed out on all the fun, but it has at least brightened my day today. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun seeping out of the computer screen, well almost.
Dare I say that I like Mr. Newton's blog better than the king of street style's The Sartorialist — I think I will. He just shoots more relatable people that you wouldn't necessarily find in the tents at Bryant Park or the pages of a magazine, but still have an edgy fashion sense or spirit — I find that refreshing and frankly more entertaining.

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