Monday, 2 February 2009

No! Please No!

Why? Why!?! I seriously can’t handle six more weeks of winter, I can barely handle a few more days. I am not sure if mine is a more extreme case than others, but the weather seriously affects my well being. Yesterday I woke up thinking that I could just not bare to bundle up for the cold once again. Filled with fear I headed to the door, but much to my surprise I felt warmth on my face and saw beautiful blue sky as I stepped outside, and everything changed. All I wanted to do was walk around and soak in the 50 degree weather (I never thought that would feel warm to me), and all my spirits were lifted. Today is not so bad either, but then that little groundhog has to go and see his shadow and rightfully so the weather report says it is going to snow tomorrow and drop 20 degrees. Such a tease! Oh California how I miss you.

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Luria Bertani said...

I feel the very same way.