Tuesday, 10 February 2009

He's Back!

After three long torturous months in Thailand (for me, certainly not him) my dear brother Michael (no one can pull off a upside down visor quite like he can) is back in the United States of America and able to talk to me on the phone! He just called me. Yay! Home in SF after being in Bangkok, he said the Mission actually looks clean. Yeah if you think piss and syringes are clean. It's what gives the Mish it's charm though. I can't wait to move back, anyway moving on.

Not to be horribly morbid, but while he was out of reach I just kept thinking how excruciating it would be if I could never get a hold of him again. Man. I shouldn’t even say such things. So he is coming to NYC next week for 10 days to hang out with me, Pops, Jack, A & D, Maisie and to meet baby India. I can’t wait.

We should all hang out and read each other’s lips.

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