Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Daily it's Over

I overslept (I’m tired!) and missed the Brian Reyes show this morning. Normally I would not care one bit but my boss, sitting by her lonely self, got to witness six models falling! You just can’t beat that — I know I sound like a terrible person — but you just can’t. Apparently all their six inch high (I can barely do more than four) Manolo Blahniks were too big for them and the girls fell right out of their shoes! And for the final walk they all just went barefoot, that’s cute. Damn tiredness, always salting my game.

Okay, tonight I am going to the Christian Siriano than I am done. I must celebrate and get drunk off champagne and dine on cucumber and celery slices. Don’t you wish you knew what I was wearing? I will tell you that tomorrow I am going to wear some jeans, some serious ones. I haven't worn a pair of jeans in over a week, bizarre.

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