Monday, 9 February 2009

High Brow

I watched The Duchess the other weekend and of course I loved it, I’m a chick, I like period films. And the costumes... every time Keira Knightley appeared in a new dress/wig my roommates and I oohed and awed and lamented over how if only we could dress in such a way, drink wine and gamble with our courtiers for a night we might just accept the inequality and barbaric treatment these women had to endure. No no no, that is a lie. I don't think my body is built to bare that many children. In fact, I really don't think Keira Knightley's is...

But anyway, there was another thing that I noticed in this movie: I mean there is no arguing that Keira is stunning, but I was particularly taken by her eyebrows. I am loving the thickness. When I was younger thick eyebrows were a complete no no, but now I am wanting some bushy brows like these lovely ladies.

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Sarah said...

i have hella big eye brows too