Wednesday, 4 February 2009

It Almost Happened

A funny little story I heard today, names withheld with respect to the privacy of the parties involved and misspellings included with respect to the author.

D calls her up 'hi M, its D from the S, I'm going to a party tomororw night. its at my friend Seans house'
M goes to the party. realises its Sean Penns house.
M: I didnt know you knew sean penn
D: yes i work for him
M: hmm
Sean comes over with drinks for them both
D: this is M
M: hi sean, I loved you in 'i am sam' what a lovely house you have.
sean: thanks, thats a lovely dress M, come see my view of the park... it is as almost as breathtaking as your beauty.
M follows Sean to his balcony and they talk indepth for around an hour and 37 minutes (I know this, because D told me)
M is WASTED now, she has been drinking all Seans 20 year reserve and can barely stand.
M gets in a cab with D, I mean she doesn;t wanna embarsses herself in front of Spicolli.
D starts to look really attractive now. her eyes can barely stay open. he looks a lot thinner....
what the hell, she'll fuck him. Its been almost a week since she has had sex
M wakes up, she is half dressed in a school girl outfit
D is laying next to her like a beached whale. *shudder*
D: last night was a m a z i n g
M has a killer hangover. ah shit whats the time... i have to meet my friend for breakfast.
D: I am so glad I saved my virginty for you
M.... (a vacant stare)

Thanks Erin.


meg said...

you revealed d's identity until "dan starts to look really attractive now..."


Megan said...