Tuesday, 24 February 2009

N is for Nigeria

Did you know that Nigeria has the third largest film industry in the world behind Hollywood and Bollywood — and naturally, it’s called Nollywood. I didn’t.

I came across this story in the New York Times and about a store in the West Bronx that is the largest and oldest retailer of these African films.

“You get hooked on a really good story and you want to watch more,” said Ms. Tijani, who was born in Togo, in West Africa. “It’s like a soap opera.”

Shot using digital video rather than film, Nollywood’s products look like home movies. But starring in such a movie can catapult a Nigerian actor into instant celebrity.

“People invite the actors to New York for a vacation, and they come to my store for signings,” Mr. Mohammed said proudly. “Sometimes I have close to 200 people trying to get in here.”

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