Monday, 2 February 2009

My New Boyfriend

Am I really writing about a football player? Why yes I am — he may have not taken his team to victory but Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner has secured a front spot in my and Mary’s hearts. What more could a man ask for? Super Bowl ring whatever, those things are terribly cheesy looking anyway.

I guess this is to say that I actually kind of enjoyed watching the Super Bowl yesterday, it was the only football game I watched all year and I didn’t even know the teams until five minutes before it started. But it was pretty exciting watching my boyfriend and trying to say Roethlisberger over and over again. Oh and all the touchdowns and comebacks and stuff.

Update: My intern (from Arizona) just told me that my Kurt is super religious and his wife is a nutcase. Why does God and those crazy bitches always take the good ones?

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