Monday, 21 March 2011

Berlin Weekend Roundup: Ping Pong, Cards and Karaoke

This was the first proper weekend I have had in Berlin in quite some time, and the first my brother has had since two summers ago, and it was a proper Berlin weekend indeed. The sun was shining (I have gone back to wearing cut-off jean shorts pretty much every day, with tights yes, but still, shorts), the skies were so blue (see!), everyone was out and despite the still chilly crispness in the air, we did all those outdoor things (biking and ping pong!) that make me love this city. Sadly, I also had the realization that I better get out of here quick before it actually heats up (and I can take off the tights) and the warm weather Berlin attitude kicks in and I start regretting my decision to leave — I really do love this city in the summer...almost as much as I love New York.   

The photos above were taken yesterday at and on the bike ride to the Mauerpark flea market — where it seems everyone else in the city went as well — to peruse the goods and take in some serious outdoor karaoke. Do you see how many people are sitting and watching in that pic up there? Yeah that is for karaoke, pretty insane. So all in all a fun weekend with my bro, but one that had a bittersweet undertone as the number of weekends left in this city widdles down to just a few. 

It all went something like this: greek chicken for three, juice for one, wine for one, dinner party for four, weird, Joaquin Pheonix documentary (warning: do not watch this!), doubles ping pong at Görlitzer Park, yummy street food, German card game and hot chocolate then dinner at Edleweiss, Hearts at a bar across the way, late night ride home, sleeping in again, long ride to Prenzlauer Berg, coffee and ice cream, flea market, ring, necklace and tote bag purchase, karaoke amphitheater, short story tears, Vietnamese food, Portlandia.


ashley said...

looks like a lovely weekend. It makes such a difference having the sun out and I am LOVING these first spring days too.
and you are moving back stateside!?! Lately I have been feeling homesick, so I wonder when that day will come my way. Are you heading east or west coast? or somewhere else?

meg said...

that joaquin phoenix doc was sooo awful i couldn't even get through the whole thing!

Megan said...

Ashley, these spring days are amazing and are making me sad about going back to the States. I should have just left in winter when I was cursing the Berlin weather. But no, I am moving back East to NYC in April. xoxo

Andy said...

Was the Joaquin movie that you said not to watch, I'm Still Here? I enjoyed it! (Yes, weird, but in a good way, nein?)

Ps, this is Lucy x