Monday, 28 February 2011

And the Best Dressed Oscar Goes to...

Last night I stayed up late and watched the Academy Awards pre-show on my computer. I couldn't stream the actual Oscars for some reason, but the red carpet is what really matters right? Here are the dresses I fancied (I am in the UK now so you know), out of the somewhat sorry lot. 

Unlike last year there wasn't one particularly amazing standout (hello Zoe), but these did the trick. If you can pull-off a nude dress, it's magic. And someone certainly had to wear a dress from that amazing Elie Saab collection, I mean I wish it was one of the rose colored ones, but Mila's lavender works too. 

I also had to add Andrew Garfield into the mix, because after I watched Never Let Me Go and The Social Network on the plane to California, I may have fallen a little bit in love with him.


Emma said...

Oh man, Florence looked a-m-a-z-i-n-g! x

Wida said...

Mila Kunis has to be added to this list!

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ashley said...

Michelle looked stunning, as she almost always does. I also loved Mandy Moore's dress, that neckline is amazing.