Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Warning: Uninspired Blogger Rant

Clothes are definitely not on my mind these days. Although I will have to say I put together some cute outfits in the last week and I found a damn cute dress yesterday. But no, if anything, it's getting rid of clothes that is taking up my head space. And as this blog is not just about fashion, my thoughts have not only been about purging my closet, or all the terribly annoying bureaucratic BS it takes to move across the world, or the repercussions of making such a decision, or finding a job, or finding an apartment or saying goodbye. It is not just these things that I am thinking about, in fact, I almost feel like I am thinking about them all but really about absolutely nothing.

I am doing all these things at once, yet somehow my mind is blank. Usually I have so many things to write about here on the blog and ideas always going through my head, but for some reason I feel very uninspired. I am having trouble actually sitting down and reading a book or writing a blog, or writing at all. I thought when I came back from the UK, a month left in Berlin would feel like a long time. I thought I would truly have time for myself and the energy and motivation to put my German experience in words in a short story or even just a bit here on the blog. Unfortunately I feel stressed, dull and like time is slipping through my hands — that is not to say that I am slacking in the getting stuff done department, I am just doing nothing creative. So i guess this is just a long-winded excuse for the lack of good blogging now and to come. It scares me though, because when I get to NYC is when I actually have to get things going (and get a real job). When will I ever have time to write and read again?

Okay, thanks for listening to my rant. It actually wasn't too hard getting those words out. Ha! Maybe I can find some inspiration outside, these beautiful sunny Berlin days seem to just keep happening, now that I am leaving of course. What do you do when you feel uninspired?

Photo from This Isn't Happiness.


Anonymous said...

I've definitely been there more times than I care to count. I believe it's just an experience of groundlessness. We are hard wired to work work work and it sounds like you have had time to be with yourself and spend time doing whatever you want. The American in us struggles with that. lol! Sounds like you need a good long run or intense workout of some kind. That always snaps me back into my body and out of my head. ;) I will be on the east coast soon, hopefully we can meet up!

Jenny said...

bummer about this. I go through this sometimes, and honestly, I just wait for it to pass. Time opens up again and I have lots of things to say. Don't feel down about not having tons of content for your blog. At the end of the day, it's just a blog. I don't know how some people have three or four posts a day, they must not have anything else to do!

Autumn said...

Honestly? I was SO pleased just now that I hadn't had a chance to read my Google Reader all day because I'm feeling way uninspired too and was like, "Well, at least I can catch up on everyone else and maybe get some inspiration that way." So you're helping me out at this very moment!