Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Weekend Roundup: Marie Antoinette

Last weekend doesn't need much of an introduction other than it started off in the dumps but kept getting better and better. I had such a lovely time hanging out with my favorite person and shopping for presents for those other favorites of mine who I will see in San Francisco in a week from today! Oh an watching Marie Antoinette again and again. After all the talk of Sophia Coppola's latest Somewhere (certainly not as good) I thought I would watch one of her older films. Even though the script is lackluster in comparison to The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation, the film is such a pleasure on the eyes and the ears. I mean look at these photos, the images were in my head all weekend as well as the soundtrack, of course.

It all went something like this: home alone Friday, IM chat to Chicago,
Marie Antoinette, Julia and Julia on the couch, breakfast at home, Holy.Shit.Shopping fair, Christmas present purchasing, Alexa Christmas Market, candied nuts, nutcracker, Alexa Mall, so much walking, fancy steak dinner, wine downstairs at Valentin Stüberl, sleeping in, Marie Antoinette again for Karsten, cleaning house, pilates, Vietnamese food, makeshift indoor ping pong tournament, Boardwalk Empire, late night German lesson, bed.


Sarah-Leigh said...

I share you're thoughts here, you might like this http://sarah-leighsstylefiles.blogspot.com/2010/12/let-them-eat-cake.html!

Hope you're well Love, Merry Christmas!


Poetry Is Life said...

i wish i lived during those days -sigh-

Danielle said...

Certainly an aesthetically pleasing movie!


Pop Champagne said...

that movie was just so pretty all together. love these images

Marella said...

Loved the movie!

ashley said...

Thinking i need to hunt down my copy of Marie Antoinette.... so so good. and a BIG yay for Christmas in California! We are flying one week from today and i am dying from the anticipation!!

Style ninfa said...

Love that movie!!
Soo I start following ;)
♥ ♥ ♥ Love, Angie