Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Weekend Roundup: My Thanksgiving!

I did it you guys! I successfully cooked my first Thanksgiving, turkey and all, see there it is. Yes yes, I know it was over a week late, but that is the amazing thing about living abroad, that just doesn't matter. Of course you don't get the day off in Germany and the weekend after was no good, so Saturday night we had 7 people over for a late feast, 5 of whom had never stuffed their faces with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and the works before (or been forced to play charades and tell everyone what they are thankful for against their will. Sorry about that guys....) Apparently not only have I turned into the type of person who does such aggressively cheesy things, I have also become the kind of person who obsesses about dinner parties. I spent the week before preparing, gathering recipes, treking all over Berlin in the snow to find all the not-so-common in Germany ingredients and laying in bed at night thinking about my turkey preparations. Weird I know, but the truth is I enjoyed it, such a project got me through a week of brutal cold nights that began at three in the afternoon. I mean, I truly don't think there is anything more fun than a good old house party, so a little obsessing can't hurt too much, right? But the real question is, what will my next project be?

Anyway, it is unfortunate that I did not take any photos of what I was wearing as I was running around preparing stuff until my friends arrived — just that awful one up there where you can just see a bit of the sheer below-the-knee dress from the 1970s I paired with vintage maroon flats. I am really loving the unexpected pink, red, orange color block combo that Rihanna (minus the hair) has been doing so much these days, so maybe there was some subtle inspiration there. I topped it all off with a gold belt and a gold floral headband that I only seem to wear on birthdays or special events, because you really can't be a host without dressing like a princess or a 1950s housewife, not in my book.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! The dinner looks amazing!!! I'm sure everyone loved it. When I loved in NZ I had an american friend who made a whole thanksgiving dinner, it was sooo soo nice!

kirstyb said...

loook like you had a great thanksgiving and i love that rihanna outfit xxx

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

love these immages!!!

Marella said...

Great dinner!

fashionablepris said...

I love thanksgiving! the dinner looks so good:)