Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Unobtainable Holiday Wish List #1

This Diana Orving Trigon Skirt ($440, from Opening Ceremony) is taking the third grade teacher out of long skirts one cut-out at a time. Santa, will you put it under my Menorah? 


Calliforniaction. said...

it looks like dream;)

amorim gabriela said...

Hi Zoe!
thank you for your comment in my blog. We can follow each other if you want! :-D

uhm... but this skirt is too expensive, isn't it?

Megan said...

Anorim, yes it is definitely way too expensive. This little wish list is about all those things I will never be able to afford. Heading over to your blog now...xx

Sophie. said...

Thanx for your comment on my blog! I can't decide whether I'm a shoe-girl or a bag-girl..... Can't I be both??? :)

Love your blog too! Beautiful pictures!

If you want to we can follow each other?

Have a very lovely day!


Julia Calhoun said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! would LOVE to have u as my follower!!

Ohh heyy NYC ;-))

Kisses Julia