Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Office Christmas Party

NEW YORK CITY — At an office party, 1966.

Work holiday parties are a thing like no other — everyone is excitedly on edge, looking a little better than they normally do at 11 am on a Tuesday, happy to be out of the office early (hopefully) and eating and drinking for free, feeling a little awkward and in turn a little intoxicated and often a bit too revealing to people you have to see almost every day whether you like it or not. The next mornings in the office are always filled with a mutual shame and a communal headache, but perhaps a new work friend.

I remember my Christmas parties working at the magazine in NYC where our editor in chief always fantasized that of one of the many girls on staff would meet the man of her dreams (brought to the party by her co-worker) and live happily ever after always telling the story of the night they met. Yes, it was one of those kind of magazines. I am sure there were some connections made, but none that lasted much past New Years. One year she even made us all wear festive hats the whole night — the silliness of it all did actually take the usual edge off, but the photos made it onto Gawker. Yes, it was one of those kind of magazines.

My party in Berlin was a little different, but followed the same formula of awkwardness, inebriation and embarrassment. But since that night, there has been a  more friendly banter in the normally stagnantly quiet office. A few nights after, my boyfriend rolled in from his work party later than I ever expected and a little more out of sorts than usual, and sheepishly left to work the following Monday.

So yeah, work parties, a blessing and a curse for many. I love these photos from a work Christmas party in 1966, so very Mad Men, so very uninhibited. How was your holiday party this year?

photos via Slate.

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