Monday, 13 September 2010

Mondays are for Mad Men

Who likes Mondays? Not many do. And today was a Monday to battle all Mondays with getting stuck in a downpour on my bike ride to work, getting lost and crashing on my way home. Mmm, yes, enough about that.

There is something that I do like about Mondays though, and that is getting to relax and watch my favorite show. I know all you Americans get to see
Mad Men on Sunday, but us expats have to wait until one of you uploads it to MegaVideo, which usually takes about 24 hours. So after a day of work once again, I unwind with my favorite whiskey drinking, cigarette smoking, well-dressed crew.

Back when I was living in NYC, receiving my New York mag in the mail and watching
Gossip Girl saved every dreaded Monday and now I am starting to get my own Monday ritual down here in Berlin. Do you have a certain way you start off your week, hopefully not involving bike crashes?

Oh and aren't these behind-the-scenes photos I found on t
he Debonaire amazing? Peggy looks so cute, as of course so do the others.


meg said...

how come i can't find it on mega video?? i'm still on season 1... and getting more and more hooked.

Megan said...

Go to or and find the megavideo links from there.

Toni said...

Thank you for the links. Have always found them through but they deleted megavideo.
Watching my (American) regular series is also one of my Monday regulars.

Megan said...

No prob! Gotta have some good zoning out TV time.

I am all about Mad Men, but these days I have been a bit addicted to True Blood as well and since I am just on season 2 I can watch them back to back.

the gracious gaze said...

What wonderful photos! I love that one of Betty...

Fickle Cattle said...

Those behind the scenes shots are amazing. The lead star looks hot.

Fickle Cattle