Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Berlin Street Style

Here is one more photo from Vanessa Jackman (maybe my new fave street style blog?) taken during Berlin Fashion Week in July, because with all this talk of fall and the gusts of wind outside my window, I had to sneak in one last little dose of Berlin summer. Not to mention, this chick's style is enviable and totally doable. 

Everyone in Berlin wears H&M, including myself, which was not alway the case. They really are better here, I swear. And the thrift/vintage is not, so for those of us who are not made of money, H&M it is. But the key to wearing the same clothes as everybody else, is making it look like you are not. And this beautiful blonde does just that. Paired with the absolute perfect accessories — clubmasters with chains (uh yes!), chunky gold watch, vintage (I think) brown belt and bag — and the absolute perfect shade of orange lipstick, who would have ever thought that there are thousands of other girls out there who own this little H&M dress.  

*This dress may in fact be from Zara, but it is the same deal, just tack a few more euros onto the price tag.

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