Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup: Berlin Festival

I know it's a little late but I thought I would share some of my weekend with you. The main event was the Berlin Festival on Friday and Saturday, which I can almost confidently say will be my last festival. Not that I didn't have fun (I did! I did!), but I think I may be past that stage of my life. I knew I was done with American festivals when they started penning you up in "drinking areas" and regulating the amount of beers you were allowed to buy for $10 (water for $5). Not like you want to drink too much anyway, because you will just end up spending all your time in line for the porta-potty. But I knew I wanted to try out a European festival and since I didn't make it to Glastonbury, Roskilde or Melt, it seemed like a good idea to go to one in Berlin, even if it meant a little less rock n' roll and a lot more techno. Okay maybe I will go to another festival if it has an amazing lineup, yeah probably, and I actually like the camping part.

But...this one took place at
Tempelhof, the old Nazi airport turned into a park/venue, and I must say it was pretty cool walking in through the huge fascist architecture and seeing the bands listed on the arrival/departure boards and seeing them play on the runway and in the hangars. Hitler might have rolled over in his grave. Anyway, even if we were allowed to roam free with beers in our hands, there was still the long bathroom lines, the short sets, and the long sound checks that are synonymous with festivals. But enough with the negativity, I had a great time amongst great company and I got to wear festival attire, one of my favorite things to do even if it was too cold for rompers and sun dresses. The rest of the weekend was pretty nice too and the weather on Sunday was just perfect for laying in the park, making flower crowns and dining outdoors.
Outfit Day 1: Army jacket, leather shorts, brown bag (thrifted Humana Berlin), brown booties (Beacon's Closet NYC), white sweater shirt (thrifted San Francisco) grey tights and black headscarf (H&M).
Outfit Day 2: jeans (thrifted Salvation Army NYC), hat (Jumbo Second Hand, Berlin), t-shirt (I was wearing a little cropped tee originally but I felt uncomfortable so I borrowed a shirt from my boyfriend), earrings (ebay), booties (Beacon's Closet NYC)
The Morning Benders (my fave band at the festival)
Can you see that they all have headphones on? Weird.
Treptower Park

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You're adorable. Great taste. Enjoying your blog.