Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Chunky Knits

Since it seems that fall decided to start in August this year (WTF!), I have had autumn attire on my mind. Or maybe it's because I told myself I could not buy anymore clothes until I needed to shop for the new season or a curse because I did (these striped bad boys). Anyway, this year (as usual) I will be all about the big knit comfy sweaters — sometimes worn as dresses and sometimes not — and it looks like the mainstream fashion world has decided to join me. Hopefully I can find the thrift store version of this amazing Stella McCartney number. And I am totally into this continuing tan, camel, nude, whatever you want to call it trend too and will be jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing a camel coat as soon as possible.

P.S. Still to do this day I have not been able to find the perfect long coat that makes me happy ever time I slip into it. Hopefully this season will be it.

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