Friday, 13 August 2010

Blogger Camp

I used to go to camp every summer for a week as a kid — now the end of the summer means fashion week. I guess they are sort of similar with all the tents and scheduled activities, but the lemonade is replaced with free martinis, instead of a bunch of adolescents running around we have a bunch of models who look like adolescents, the insecurities are still there but every ounce of baby fat is gone. 

But anyway, the point of all this is that today I get to go to a combination of them both: Fashion Blogger Camp. I am finally getting out of this gallery trade show thing I have been at thus far and am heading over to Terminal 2 to hear Facehunter (who shot the pics above over the last few days) and a few other fashion bloggers talk about my home away from home: the blogospere, then off to some shows. 

If you are in Copenhagen you should come on down and say hi: I will be the one looking really serious and stylish. Check it out.

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