Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Copenhagen Shoe Roundup

As I am finally done with the story-that-would-not-write-itself, I do have the time to give you a little roundup of my time in Copenhangen. Sadly, it wasn't quite as glamourous as one would think and actually full of long days and little sleep. So instead of boring you with those details, I will give you a shoe roundup. Which do you like the best?
It is much easier and a lot less nerve-wracking to do street style shots when you don't actually have to talk to the person, but just point down to their feet and shoot. As you can see by the number of shoes I snapped, compared to the one actual full human.

This lovely lady named Annbrith was walking around the gallery where I was interviewing designers, and despite my terrible camera skills and usual tendency to watch from afar, I had to stop her and ask her to take a pic. Serendipitously, she worked for and was dressed head-to-toe in Wackerhaus, a Danish brand whose show I was attending that evening. 

These pictures do not at all do her outfit or the line justice, as you can not see all the beautiful detailing. But I will tell you that watching that show for the short ten minutes it lasted, made the blood rush back into my brain after my grueling day and reminded me why I love fashion. I would wear everything that came down the catwalk from sharply pleated trousers to the lace LBDs, but it still felt like a show— an amazing spectacle that was fluid and entertaining.

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